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Genesis 37:2. Through the Bible, writers emphasize the advice and wisdom of older men (Titus 1:6), they also speak positively about young people because children and adolescents are so vulnerable and impressionable, young people are encouraged early in life to make a commitment to God and to work in the way of life outlined in His word.

The Bible present a remarkable examples of young people who served God like Joseph, Gideon, Samuel, David, Joash, Josiah, and Timothy; the disciple of Jesus Christ were almost certainly young men. One promise of God for the new age was that young men and women would see visions and would prophesy, reminding us that through Jesus the way is open for all in the family of God to be channels of God revelations.

ONE THING Psalm 27:4
ONE THING have I asked of the Lord that will I…

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Do you have a heart of evangelism? Do you have passion for souls? If so, let”s make it happen together. Here is your opportunity to help expose large number of un-reached people to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Support the evangelism ministry of Kingdom Union Fellowship Center who”s ministry activities centred on Outreach events, Crusades, Revivals, Tv/Radio Broadcast, distribution of Bible and Tracts, Christian t-shirts and other materials as the need arises. Right now we are on our toes in a mission work among the Gwari in the suburb in Abuja Nigeria and as well preparing for Teenagers Camp Retreat third week of December 2015 in Kwara State.

We see evangelism and outreaches as the key component in getting the good news out. Therefore, it is our desire that you help us take advantage of every opportunity that is present. Please, if you would love to help in any way materially, financially, or would need more information. Please, email


We are glad to announce to you our upcoming Teenagers Camp Retreat scheduled to hold from 15th – 20th December, at National Evangelical Camp Ground Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria, by God”s grace. Kingdom Union Fellowship is committed to the vision and work of evangelism and outreaches to reach as many as possible. We however need your help, of sponsorships and partnership.

We require your help for the upcoming Teens Retreat in the following areas:

  • Booking of Camp and accommodation.
  • Publicity:   Tv / Radio broadcast

Hand bill and Poster

Roll up banners

  • Camp Vest and Cap
  • Printing of souvenirs
  • Feeding
  • Transportation
  • and Records

If you can help please email

Thanks for helping us to reach the teenagers in Kwara State. We believe this will further reach out to the young ones to catch them young. Our responsibility to give you feed back will never be under estimated, as the report of activities, pictures of event as well as the result will be sent to you. Regards.

OUR STRUCTURE AND STRATEGY: The D12 is an organizational structure we use to pursue and accomplish our mission and vision from God. D12 stands for ‘Disciples of 12’. This is based on Jesus’ model of discipleship.

Disciple making is the process of helping people BELIEVE in Christ,nurturing them to GROW toward Christ-likeness so that they may

also DISCIPLE others and eventually MULTIPLY themselves, for the glory of God

D-12 Implementation Strategy:

  • Believe – We build RELATIONSHIPS and help people know JESUS as Lord and Savior.
  • Grow – We NURTURE believers to CHRIST-LIKE maturity as members of a Dgroup.
  • Mentor – We TRAIN people to LEAD their own Dgroups.
  • Multiply – We MENTOR and EMPOWER dgroup leaders to multiply their Dgroup.

* A Dgroup is composed of people who are not yet leading their own groups. A D12 is composed of people who are leading their own Dgroups.

We believe in one God who reveals Himself in three manifestations as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, He is Creator of all things. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, was crucified, died, was buried, was resurrected, ascended into heaven, and is now seated at the right hand of God the Father and is God as Colossians 2 vs. 9 proclaims “In Jesus dwells all the fullness of the Godhead in Bodily form”.

We believe in divine healing, Miracles, signs and wonders through faith in the Name of Jesus Christ, and that healing is included in the Redemption.

We believe the Bible in its entirety to be the inspired Word of God and the infallible rule of faith and conduct.

We believe in the resurrection of the dead, the eternal happiness of the saved, and the eternal punishment of the lost.

We believe in personal salvation of believers through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

We believe in sanctification through the Word of God and by the Holy Spirit, and we believe in personal holiness, purity of heart and life.

We believe in water baptism, in the Baptism in the Holy Spirit as distinct from the New Birth, in speaking with tongues as the Spirit of God gives utterance (Acts 2:4), in the gifts of the Spirit, and Love as the evidence of the fruit of the Spirit. We believe that all of these are available to believers.

We believe in the soon-coming, personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ our LORD.

To God be the glory!